Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Assalammualaikum wbt and a good day to everyone..
Creating a blog is a new knowledge that I have to explore. But yet I am trying my best.
My group member consists of me, Nurr Azreen, Dayang Narzeriah, Juliza and Normarliza. Thank you for their cooperation and support to complete the presentation.
For the first post, I would like to share what I have learned in Minor Language for the first episode.
There are four points that I feel interesting in this episode:
1.       The students are actively participate in the class
Every time Mr. Brown asks the students, they give the cooperation to their teacher and do not passive even though they might be wrong in terms of grammar, idioms, pronunciations, or do not understand with each other talking about, etc.

2.       The teacher is patient with his students’ behavior
This can be seen when Mr. Brown try to calm down the situation when his students quarrelling about religion or the girls herself.  Rather than provoking his students keep on quarrelling, he takes the most rational way as a big-hearted mankind.

3.        The students’ intention to study English
Due to their high desire to study English, they come for every part from this world with the same intention; to learn English. They do not ashamed even though they make mistakes, yet still try to learn. At the same time, I can conclude that language can become one of the medium to unite us.

4.       Many accent are available
Some accents such as Japan, Chinese, Pakistan, France and others make this episode become interesting. They try to talk English, but still preserve their own identity. This is a good example because teenagers nowadays suffering from identity crisis.  Always be ourselves but at the same time learn to give and take in a good and sincere ways.

For the time being, that's all from me.
Have a nice day ! (^^,)

Nurr Azreen binti Abdul Karim
18 January 2011


  1. I agree with your points... I found out that this episode has it own uniqueness that we can share with everyone... I hope that this type of clips, can aware us about our second language as well as our first language in order to master both language, but we need to use the words correctly and not having grammatical error.

  2. all the candidate A and B..hihi.. :D blogwalking here! follow!